Best Travel Backpacks for Trips Abroad for 2018


The best travel backpacks are designed for people who want to travel around the world unencumbered by slow-moving, heavy wheeled suitcases. Internal frame packs range in size from forty to sixty liters and offer more than enough room to store all of the possessions you need to travel anywhere in the world.

Whether its clothes, a laptop, hiking or camping supplies, or other types of bulky gear, you need a pack that’s bigger, yet streamlined and designed for comfort.

However, the right type of travel backpack often boils down to personal preference. You know what you need and want and that might be different from what another traveler needs. So in order to find the right travel backpack for you, you’ll need to assess your traveling needs and determine how much gear you plan on taking, the type of organization you’re looking for, and what size you’ll need.

Surprisingly, these travel packs come with a number of features to choose from, which can make it even harder for the avid traveler to narrow in on a few choices.

We’ve created a list of the top five models of travel backpacks on the market to date. Each of these models has something special to offer, whether it’s organization, size, or value.

This list can help you to narrow down your choices and find the best travel backpack to meet your travel and budget needs.

You can also take a look at our extensive travel backpack buying guide which lists the different features available and the importance of suspension, lumbar support, and even weight distribution. This guide will explain the number of benefits you can experience using a backpack that’s specially designed for the international traveler.

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